Thursday, November 1, 2018

Dont let a little pneumonia stop you

Many of you have wondered why I have been so silent recently. It is not for lack of subject matter, it is because I’ve had a rather long bout of illness due to MRSA migrating to various parts of my system. Needless to say, this weakened me quite a bit. When I thought I was through with the illnesses, I decided to get implants for teeth. After going through much pain and torture, the equivalent of having a gang of bikers worked me over with chains I decided to take a trip to lower altitude to recover.
The news, being ultra-depressive, was not helping my disposition any. So, to be able to fight more effectively in the future, we took off for the Mediterranean. Right before that I did a brief television appearance in Las Vegas and, when recuperated flew to Barcelona Spain where we took an MS cruise ship through various tops to Malta and back to Barcelona. During that trip my body decided to reject the implants. After a rather painful amount of time, and lots of Percodan, I recovered. I am now on a transatlantic crossing from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale. For some reason, I didn’t look too healthy to the staff and they put me in quarantine for a day. I decided to take the transit planning trip to catch up on my writing. I bought an Internet package for the ship to stay in touch with people, which I have yet to get working. In the meantime, I would like you all to reread the Constitution and as you justice Cavanaugh said hearings he is a strict constructionist on the Constitution. Now remember all the politicians elected to office take an oath to support and defend the Constitution.
With that in mind read about the declaration of war. It provides that only Congress can declare war. Through what I believe to be gross negligence or even treasonous conduct Congress has delegated that to the present, which is dereliction of duty in the least. Congress is allowing a renegade Runaway president to run roughshod over the Constitution. He asked like a king or a dictator modeled after it all Hitler. The president believes that as commander in chief of the Armed Forces you can use them as toy soldiers as he pleased. The problem is, there are other parts of the presidency that has nothing to do with for power. He doesn’t care, because no one has enough balls to stand up to him in his party.  In some countries, this type of behavior would have resulted in the breaking out of the guillotine. However, we’re civilized. Secondly, with tax cuts we have given the rich enough extra money to buy off our government.
When I get a better, I will start writing again and attempting to analyze what the hell is happening to our country. Meanwhile I have been reading many for newspapers and other publications, where it has been written that Americans are complete fools and idiots, which I find personally embarrassing.
Thank you very much for your support and I hope that I can continue my work as in the past.

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